For Real, it does not matter what THEY TEACH. We have the responsibility for teaching our own.

1. Girls are negatively affected by experiences with failures
2.Most girls experience a conflict between feminine goals and competitive achievements, resulting in increased anxiety in competitive situations
3. Girls are confronted with societal and narrow corridors of school structures that favor pale boys and with pressure to conform to gender roles that limit their exploration
4. Girls are less satisfied with their body image
5. Girls are more likely to worry about their problems which may put them at risk to cycles of delusion and self annihilation.

The Girl Society is open to girls ages 7 and up and adults age 21 and up. If you are interested in participating in the Girl Society either as a Girl or Adult please tune into this show and GET ENGAGED NOW.

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  1. Peace Abundance,
    My name is Armelle I am 24 years old and I have just completed my first year of Law school at Lewis and Clark where I am hoping to graduate with a J.D and LLM in Environmental Law. I would love to be involved with the girl society and help Young women like me find their way and become the Goddesses they are meant to be. Please let me know how I can get involved. I am currently in Modesto,CA visiting my family in Northern CA and I will be returning to Portland, OR once the school year starts. Thank you.

    • I have been constantly organizing sis…I am ready to build with you and will email you soon so that we can set a date to build. Thank you for your patience.