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Let me jump right into the solution. The only way aboriginal women of North America can use their GENE POOL for the good of humanity is if WE correct our status.

If we do not do that, brothers, after they’ve become of age, will need to correct theirs and ONLY breed with women who have status. This is something we need to be talking about collectively on a macro level.

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What kind of men do we want to create and produce? We have to be really honest about it, and we women need to learn what jurisdiction is in the home and abroad. When we examine the type of men WE have produced in the last few generations under the umbrella of the BLACK Matriarchy, they are effeminate and subject to White Christian Supremacy. What is next? Are we going to  continue creating brutes?

Aboriginal men need aboriginal wombs to plant their seeds. 20% of the men are having to choose between 80% of the women. There is a challenge presenting itself with those percentages, because brothers are seeking acceptance for basic human necessities. They are stepping outside the bounds of women of aboriginal descent, because this matriarch we’ve voluntarily accepted from the pale woman does not accept strong aboriginal men.

75% of our women, (90% who have been subjected to rape, molestation, or some type of abuses), are raising Beta males trained to act like Alpha males by mimicking European behavioral patterns to access vagina simply for breeding. The status of the child is the status of the mother. Women put themselves in a position to be fooled, because we are caught up in emotions and perceptions instead of reality with no interest or intent to listen to reason. We engage in sexual commerce with these men REPRODUCE and manufacture new slaves.

There are active principles to being a real man that do not get passed down to our male children. We are raising them without predecessors or access to authentic male leadership.  True Alpha men do not have time to impress us while we are too busy being into the Matriarchal Queendom thing that keeps us second ,and beneficiaries of slavery leaving our brothers with options we chastise him about.

We should be out here supporting brothers that are putting work into the COLLECTIVE and not just their individual pockets. We have to get past all of the melodramatic, personal distractions, because we are in SLAVERY. To hell with the official statement from the U.SA. apologizing for slavery and that we are still suffering from Jim Crow. That and  “Black Lives Matter” are distractions. You are still a slave.

Credit- WPA Photo:Wikimedia CommonsThey did not and do not allow slaves to have personal relationships with each other. This is why we have disfunction with each other. The system is still in play. Sisters it is time to clean up from the womb to the tomb. This is what we do. We clean house. This is our jurisdiction. We have to stop selling our brothers and babies into slavery. We need to be making sure this knowledge is being transmitted and comprehended.

We as women have a natural disposition to feminism, because it suits us only. It puts our brothers in danger. They were the first victims. There is a power struggle going on between men and women and men CANNOT win, because they do not have any jurisdiction in certain areas. Why do you think a lot of the good brothers get scooped up by pale women? They get respect. Again, Im not speaking on individual levels. If the shoe fits, lace it up though. We have a situation on our hands, and we are going to have to look at things on the macro level. Start giving up some of this power and harnessing the power you choose to keep. The ball is in our court.

Manhood is not based on provision and protection like a lot of y’all are out here preaching. We have to pull from the space and time when we were partners. Everything you want from these men is something white christian supremacy manufactured or produced. We better start adjusting our lenses.

Are we trying to win, or are we just trying to look like we are winning? We are doing a good job with our looks. North American Black women by race and gender are the most educated and have excelled more than any other on the planet via White christian standards. All of that, and our men are incarcerated at a rate higher than being enslaved in the 1800’s. All of that, and we’ve yet to produce more than a handful of men who’ve gone against the “white”
man proclaiming himself an Aboriginal,  a Moor, a sovereign, and free. I am not going to back down until you address me as such. Too much of what we have produced and promoted; especially, in the conscious community are nothing more than White Supremist Black Candidates campaigning to give you a newer version of the same White Supremacy with a Black Face.

Sisters are out here looking the part supporting and fueling the madness with our plantation thot voter registration drives, feminist hashtags, and signs. We are first on the scene supporting those who look like the man instead of making and creating the actual MAN. ~HMIC