THIS IS A LIE. If you do not idolize your man and treat him like the sun that he is ( if he is worthy) then you will lose him to someone who will and SHE will end up being his wife and not in the civil union sense.

This comes from that old school puritan mimicking school of thought that says fornication is sex before marriage. Sex is supposed to lead to marriage. We should Idolize (definition: admire, revere, or love greatly or excessively) our man if he is like the SUN to us.

Do not get trapped in the whole western civilization idea of what marriage is. That’s why most of them so called marriages or civil unions end or stay in critical condition filled with abuse and betrayal.

I have seen a woman idolize a man that abused her children and grandchildren yet still in the marriage.That shit is backwards. The same people who spread this propaganda are the same people who are alone or alone in the relationship/marriage they are in.

We should want for our daughters and suns to be whole. Please top preaching gospels that contradict LIFE and use your common or rather DIVINE SENSE.