-Some will, some wont, so what, next! When you know the nature of the village worker, their authenticity and record, you will never have to second guess their service output!

-If you have poor thoughts, you will assume others have too.
All business is not good business, you don’t want everyone! Say no when necessary.

Tax Filers Update:
Most tax filers pay for their service in full like when you go purchase anything else. Some tax companies have overhead and finance and insurance that they can pay you an advance check Up front. However, you best believe they have you sign a promissory note to ensure payment of service. (We work with our clients). However, we know those who has the funds and simply wants to get over. The , there are those who really are disadvantaged. We work fully with our clients who have financial challenges).

I never seen such ignorance when you require a deposit for Services that normal people pay retainers or full price. If you don’t have it that’s fine. Go to someone who meets your criteria. For example, people will shop on Amazon or EBay sharing their private confidential information with (STRANGERS) and PREPAY for the something with the expectation of receiving it. However, then they will go to a legitimate sister or brother small business who is reputable and argue and complain about paying a deposit for their such service. It is their rules. Find another business you trust. My sister Mary Bowles-Bey always said some business you just don’t want anyway. To those who understand basic math, service and law of correspondence-Let’s do business. #SupportYourOwn or get gone.

LCTS Tax service