I was listening to the Tom Joyner Morning Show because I wanted to hear the Misty Copeland interview. I live ballet anything especially when we are involved.They were reporting that child care is more expensive than university and college tuition. Child care SHOULD cost more than college. We should be raising your own children. They were taking pity on single mothers whose salary barely covers the cost of that child care. Been there don’t that. Our children should be more important than a salary. I home schooled my children as a single woman (not as a single parent…I have had a village of influence and assistance). I’m not boasting nor proud about the single woman part. I am just saying it can be done.

We SHOULDA been more responsible in our family planning. We COULDA been more accountable and we WOULDA have 2 parent homes which is a family. Do we take pity on the father who gets turned into Child Support Enforcement? Do we take pity on the children who are raised with all of these stressors? I know this comes off harsh. IJS. We should change our focus, change our perspective. We should consider turning inwards instead of turning out and turning up. Other people giving us jobs and babysitting our children at cost IS NOT solving one of our main issues. Having relations with each other, producing children from those relations and the failure to maintain that relationship of commerce and family business where need for outside resources are limited is the problem. The solution is to do the opposite.