DID YOU KNOW? Women (or men) absorb and carry living DNA and cells from every male they ever have had sexual intercouse with. In fact anyone who has assumed male spermatozoa into their bodily system has the living cells and genetic energetic imprint/signature of each individual whose sperm they have consumed or received IN ANY WAY.
This phenomena is called “Male Microchimerism
Microchimerism is the harboring of small numbers of

cells that originated in a genetically different individual. “BUT, when they autopsied the brains of women who had never even been pregnant they STILL found male DNA prevalent in the female brain. “CONCLUSIONS: Male microchimerism was not infrequent in women without sons. Besides known pregnancies, other possible sources of male microchimerism include unrecognized spontaneous abortion, vanished male twin, an older brother transferred by the maternal circulation, or SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. Male microchimerism was significantly more frequent and levels were higher in women with induced abortion than in women with other pregnancy histories.

Every male you absorb spermatazoa from becomes a living part of you FOR LIFE. The women autopsied in this study were elderly. Some had carried the living male DNA for well over 50 years!
Sperm is alive. It is living cells. When it is injected into you it swims and attaches and burrows into your flesh. If its in your mouth it swims and climbs into your nasal passages, inner ear, and behind your eyes. Then digs in. It enters your blood stream and collects in your brain and spine.
The male DNA can also pass into and become part of a fetus from an entirely different male.
Source:: Evolvefest