Magick Deodorant is one of the purest natural deodorants on the market. It is DEO for your BO. It is from our Drop Squad Kitchen kitchen cosmetics line which means you can literally eat the stuff. We would not if we were you but seriously everything we use is safe enough to be swallowed. We call it Magick because it works. 

The name Magick shares the an obvious root with Magnet for obvious reasons. Every sorcerer worth his salt knows that the SOURCE manifests on our plateau through electric and magnetic potentials. True magic or a true Magi works in accord with subtle cosmic principles to affect a change on the moor dense levels of plasma. Our body and everything else in the universe is composed of plasma fields. BO DEO is magnetic and works with your body’s plasma and not against it. 

Our Cream Stick deodorant does not contain any parabens, PEGs, synthetic ingredients, or hormone disrupting fragrances, petrochemicals, or aluminum compounds. Our BO DEO contains all organic ingredients that you can pronounce and understand. This product is MBBU (Moor Better Business Union) certified.

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  1. Hotep (Peace),

    My spiritual name is Da’lahnah. I and perhaps many others thank you and/or others that ‘might’ have join with you to bring such safe and wonderful products your people. Can you send me more information on your products, the prices and a possible contact number (if available). My website is:

    Thank you,