Join Indigenous Remedies for another FREE Herbal Certification info session. January’s Session is already in full swing, but there is a new course series starting on Monday, February 27th. So come and learn all you need to know about our herbal certificate of completion program.

Here is just a sample of what you will be learning in the course:

-Herbal Mysteries- Covers the 40 Most Commonly used herbs and their origins.
-Herbal Science in the Kitchen- Covers the origins and science of plant life.
-Systems of the Body- Covers herbal wellness for the various systems of the body
-Origins of Medicinal Plants- In this course we will cover the healing systems from around the world including Chinese, Native Indian, Auryvedic, African, and Egyptian.
-Womb Healing Herbs-

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To join in on the FREE info session and get your questions answered about our herbal certificate of completion dial 212-239-2409 access code 1428275