the motherhood

Gene Isis

Our foundation dates back to 1975 and the teachings of Maxine the Bey, (highly influenced by her mother) a domestic scientist and entrepreneur. Maxine encouraged  her only daughter (founder of ACOA, Tamyko Bey) to see the beauty of her mind and body as a direct connection to what most people call God and ALL of creation, what we know as the world. Through love and home life management Maxine taught Tamyko how to organize the contents of her creative mind and cultivate her connection from the inside out.

This is just what she did. Every thought, idea, seed planted blossomed into A Child of Abundance (the acronym for ACOA and the meaning of the Japanese name “Tamyko”). A lot has changed since 1975 but the vision to cultivate a home paradise is the same. Our mission is to cultivate home ecosystems. This is a scientific endeavor to cultivate the home as the chief and or primary business. Our target are the lowest income single parent female run households. Our goal is to teach women how to cultivate their beauty and life worth as opposed to a societal net worth through the development of individualized home ecosytem plans.

Tamyko Bey received her first degree in Home Ecoscience   in 1995 and her second degree in Scientific Motherhood in 2003 from the NNA (Neteru  Nommo  Annunaki). ACOA has earned certification from NTR (Nature).