Just because we can buy it in the store does not mean we should. I am no fan of the FDA and more importantly, the FDA does not regulate cleaning products. They barley regulate food. Most of the products we consume as food are actually hybrids and so processed that they should be labeled non food items.

Supermarkets and grocery stores stay open because we buy from them. We do not have to. We can be more conscious as consumers. We should trade with those entities that are in alignment with our personal ways of life and culture. The manufacturers of the products that are purchased by the masses understand commerce and the laws governing commerce. We should too. They understand that copyrighting and trademarking their product formulas makes them proprietary and  keeps keeps them from having to disclose the ingredients used.

Do you use bleach? Do you know that  in commercial establishments there are federal guidelines that require one to wear a mask and gloves when using bleach? What about the fact that the department of sanitation will not dispose of cleaning bottles unless they are empty because they are classified as hazardous? Do you follow those rules at home? Why should you have to?

Bleach is a corrosive  and is lethal by itself and when mixed with other cleaners a poisonous gas is created.

Did you know the first ingredient for chemical warfare used in WWI was chlorine? Chlorine is in most detergents. We wash our clothes with these detergents and it goes into our pores. We wash our dishes and clean our bathing areas with these detergents and the  heat expands the chemicals  and then  we breathe and eat the residue.

We have to protect ourselves and our families. For a great website that gives the specific dangers of common household chemicals, click here.

…and stay tuned for some natural home made cleaning product alternative solutions.