Our skin is alive. It is totally organic. We know this because it breathes. Our skin is our largest organ and is the main point of contact with our environment. Our skin is anatomically programmed to be in sync with the fastest moving illuminary (the moon) and its 28 day regeneration cycle.

Our skin naturally perceives touch sensations and immediately inputs the data that updates the server to our brain on real time. If the skin is maintained for optimal health it will remain in balanced state (not to dry or oily) despite environmental factors.  Things that can cause our skin to shift out of balance are state of mind and diet. Such factors will cause our skin to fluctuate to different extremes inflaming the skin in forms of acne, excema, rosacea, nor regenerating skin, premature aging etc…

This is why ACOA uses the blueprint provided by earth to keep the skin in harmony with its 28 day regeneration cycle. We only use natural substances that aid our skin in breathing in and breathing out.

The Butter Fly Skin line of products are all developed with a lead ingredient such as raw unrefined organic shea butter, coconut oils, aloe, or seaweed  to impact our skin and entire body. The lead ingredient is only a step in maintaining harmony and enhancing overall health. This philosophy is what makes our Butter so Fly!