Do you want to brighten your smile without paying a fortune or compromising your teeth longterm? Keep good oral hygiene in general…yes that includes flossing. Do not underestimate what floss can do for those in between the teeth stains!

That saying an apple a day goes a long way. Munching on an apple helps to clean the surface of your teeth without posing a threat to the enamel.

Did you know xylitol is a natural sweetener that actually helps to PREVENT plaque? It has an alkalizing effect on the mouth which helps to produce saliva…nature’s natural mouth wash. Hydrogen Peroxide is another great mouthwash alternative.

The malic acid and the seeds in strawberries are great for removing stains on your teeth.

Lemon, Baking Soda and Salt are the most heard of natural teeth whiteners. They actually work. I would use caution and not use these methods EVERYDAY to avoid causing harm to your teeth enamel.

Our everyday favorite is of course having an awesome PLANT BASED LIVE IT! Next to that I would say give a tablet of activated charcoal a try….just brush with it and smile at the results!