7 Circuits of the Brain


The universal family is the natural relationship connecting each individual to parents, marital partners, children and siblings that when expanded includes links to all people and cultures on a global scale. The unique path to completing the healing process out from each individual exist in the fundamental similarities that each of us have in common. The 7 circuits of brain function provide a framework from which an individual can objectively change his subjective interaction with reality via the progression of brain development through each complete circuit. Dr. Pookrum states that,  “based on ones neurological development there are as many realities as there are aspects of the brain for transcending signals.” In human growth and development the natural progression of the brain’s development is disrupted due to the lack of understanding of how family, environment and belief systems work in relation to creating the condition of full awareness within a maturing individual. Here we will focus specifically on the relationship that each brain circuit has to this process.
The foundation of healing based on completing the 7 circuits can be summarized through the insight of the mind-body interaction. The mind is an electromagnetic field of energy which encompasses the physical body. In some instances it is called the human aura or bioenergy field. The mind contains and is our unconscious and conscious thoughts, likewise the cells of our body being permeated by the mind field always knows our thoughts and desires.
Dr. Pookrum also explained that, “it is the brain’s function to transform the energy frequency of the mind’s contents into a chemical substance (neurotransmitters) that the cells of the body can interpret and respond to. When the chemical translation of our consciousness (mind) is toxic to the cells of our body we create and experience dis-ease.” Hence, surgically removing the tissue of the body which internally responds in a toxic manner to the neurotransmitters made from our conscious mind temporarily brings relief, not eliminating the true source of the problem, aberrant thoughts.
Consciousness is defined as energy received by structure, and intelligence is defined as energy transmitted by structure. For the human being the structures are neuro-circuits (brain/ central nervous system) and their anatomical connections. Reality is energy registered by neuro-structure. This is another way to say, “How much of reality or truth can we take in?” We “see” only what we are ready instrumentally and conceptually to receive.  Seeing here can mean perception through each of the five senses of touch, taste, hearing, smell and sight.

            The first four circuits are of primary importance because the majority of humanity gets trapped in these circuits for numerous reasons, some of which are intentional and others due to pure ignorance. Each circuit corresponds to a different level of evolution and increasing degree of  brain function, which can be translated as a increase in harmonious relations with self and others. Hence, the importance of the complete maturation of brain function to the individual and society as a whole. Anatomically each circuit relates to specific characteristic behaviors seen in particular species of animals and insects that will give deeper insight to a circuit a individual or group is locked in.

           The 1st circuit corresponds to the brain stem. The brain stem’s function corresponds to the nervous system and consciousness of  the reptile. Specifically this means that we inherently can do what reptiles can do, including regenerate limbs. The problems that arise from this state of consciousness is that an individual will “see” the world around them as the reptile does. The reptile’s only two concerns are what is safe and what is not safe. Reptiles only come together for two reasons, defense and reproduction. Individuals who are trapped in 1st circuit mentality deal with their reality based on this type of awareness. The individual is always preoccupied with personal safety and competition for survival. The typical male-female relationship has no foundation in trust secondary to fear(safety)  being a predominate emotional boundary, along with only pure attraction relating to the sexual drive instinct. Across society these types of relationships are becoming the norm and are short lived. Fighting and sexual drive becomes the foundation of an individual’s life who is trapped in 1st circuit. Protecting our homes, cars and overall best interest become obsessions. The most dominate individuals win the carcass.


The 2nd circuit corresponds to the area just inside the skull along the region where the pons are located. This circuit’s function can be found to correlate with the behavior of insects, specifically ants and bees. In this circuit an individual recognizes that coming together as a group to perform tasks, creates a greater benefit for living, than if one acted alone. Group effort and contract underline this circuits function. The problem with this level of neurological development becoming the prominent behavioral expression is that the individual’s life and role becomes defined by the group. In short, the contract with the group gives their life meaning. The individual’s personal needs and perspectives become secondary to the relationship with the group. A person for example would value the functions of their religious organization or job over the importance of their home life or personal health. As with insects once you define yourself and your role you are committed by contract and you can not break that relation or you will be killed or removed from the group. Insects have no emotional bond to each other and do not know what compassion is. You must be willing to sacrifice yourself for the perspective of the group. Each individual functions under the agreement and guidelines for the survival and advancement of the hive. Insects feel a need to attack others even though there is enough space on the earth for everyone to coexist, because of the limited view of reality that they have. Dr. Pookrum explained that, “humans who are stuck in 2nd circuit brain function see reality from 8% of brain capacity. People in the armed forces are examples of this circuit’s function.”
The judicial system exists because insects have to have a way to regulate the contracts between each other, so that differences can be modulated. Once an individual defines them self in the role of an insect, they can not move above or beyond that role for life.
The 3rd circuit of brain function corresponds to the cerebellum, which relates to the capacity of the bird. Birds are the only animal with exception to the ant eater that can deal with the aggression of ants. What is unique to the perception of the bird over the ant is their ability to see the bigger picture. Birds can see the world from a expanded view in the air, a lack that the ants exhibit in there aggressive behavior towards others to protect their space. The expanded view that the bird has corresponds to more information. In humans this is the behavior of the intellect. The ability to better navigate one’s life with the acquisition of more information. An individual stuck in this circuit can only believe something if it has been documented or proven by some one who represents an authority figure. This circuit still represents a limited capacity of brain function and leads to numerous problematic circumstances in human relationships that are mediated by the left brain.
The 4th circuit corresponds to the lower primates and the ability to feel others feelings. This is the circuit that relates to the heart space or the astral level of the energy field (4th level). This level of perception brings higher justice and integrity to the dynamics of human relationships. True healing can only happen between people when the heart space is involved.
Dr. Pookrum said that each circuit has three phases that must be completed for an individual to mature correctly, and that if a circuit is not completed in the appropriate sequence of development, the individual will spend the rest of their life returning back to the incomplete circuits. A person can move into other circuits prematurely for many reasons. This can be seen in children who are forced to grow up early taking responsibility in difficult family situations. Each circuit has an infancy, childhood and adulthood phase. Mastery of the circuit requires the individual to move through each phase in the same way the individual developed and matured in relation to his or her physical body’s  function and performance. Naturally infants cannot function in an adult world at the basic survival level and are dependent on others at this state of development. This gives rise to the role of the parents in relation to the natural progression through the first two circuits.
The mother’s role in relation to the baby’s natural neurological progression relates to the 1stcircuit, which is during the first 2 ½ years of development. Her primary role is to provide;
1. A sense of safety through protecting the child
2. Nurturance with love and nutrition for emotional and physical development
3. Give the sense of value to the child, so they develop a sense of self worth.
The 1st circuit can only be completed when these three requirements are met.  The father’s role is related to completing the 2nd circuit. It is through the child’s relationship with him that they develop the capacity to interact with others, based on guidelines and agreements for the survival and advancement of the hive, society. It is his role to give directions toward keeping the order of society. “The Law keeper.” The child develops self definition in relation to their life purpose, and what it is they are to do in the world.
Information is necessary to move into and develop the 3rd circuit. If an individual lets the role of societal norms serve as the source of  their down load of information, he or she will be left at the adolescent/ childhood level of 3rd circuit development. In general, information gives the individual a tool to better navigate their life. The down load of wrong information is the beginning of many dysfunctions within an individual’s life.
When a person is exposed to information, there is a neuro-chemical response released within the brain relative to the objectivity of the truth or lack of it within the information.  When exposed to a particular truth, the cells within your body ultimately feel or know its relationship to this neuro-chemical translation as being a completely harmonious state of existence relative to how they were created.  Therefore, if you ignore the truthful information, you will eventually experience discomfort from within your body until you comply too its truth or the cells will progressively move into an aberrant cell chemistry, known as dis-ease. From this stand point it can be seen how bad information leads directly towards dis-ease.
This also relates to telling lies or speaking untruths. If the 4th circuit is open, telling a lie will be felt in every cell of your body as a painful experience.  Dr. Pookrum explained that the first 3 circuits deal with mastering one’s experience of planet Earth.
The 4th circuit opens with the heart. However, this relates to wanting to feel oneself and others. In society there is a strong intention of not wanting to feel. Most of the drugs used by people and their overall behaviors lead to specifically avoiding the objective truths that surround them that appear to be unpleasant to experience. This closes the 4th circuit. It is important to note that feeling is a requirement to begin to open circuits 4 through 7. The opening of the 4th circuit is the first step towards living in the truth of the unitive state.
The environment is also very important to opening up the circuits. Dr. Pookrum said that, “an environment that resembles the childhood atmosphere, works to continue the active traits that prevent spontaneous maturation of the undeveloped circuits. This includes objects such as books, religious items, clothing, people and living conditions in general. And that to clean up one’s environment half way works to support the activation and clearing of incomplete circuits. The environment and information always exerts an influence on an individual that they may not be able to over come relative to the information they have on aboard.” From this stand point she explained that the suppressive environmental images of the childhood, creates the feeling response neuro-chemically that locks the individual in a particular circuit. From the psychological perspective this is known as transference.
There are also chemical triggers that affect the circuits. These chemicals can be use to open or lock individuals in a particular circuit. These chemicals take the form of foods and drugs. Opiates and heroin lock you into 1st circuit mentality, the reptilian brain function. Alcohol locks you into 2ndcircuit behavior, the insect level of brain function. Coffee, speed, high protein diets and cocaine work to lock you in 3rd circuit function, the “bird brain” or intellect. Marijuana opens up the 4th circuit along with other digested carbohydrates. Dr. Pookrum said that she was once a  selected physician that was interested in Ibogaine therapy for detoxification purposes, and that it was a drug discovered in a tribe of Mali, that opens circuits 1 through 5 and totally breaks the addiction to all other drugs with one dose in 80% of the recipients, leaving the individual spiritually aware of their purpose in life.
There are specific behaviors exhibited by individuals and society when individuals are purposely or negligently stuck in particular circuits. Individuals stuck in 1st circuit issues exhibit low self esteem in relation to not having a self worth established by the mother. Lack of nurturance in love and food creates the behaviors of stealing, hoarding and co-dependence on others for survival. Fears, phobias and avoidance develops from the lack of sense of safety being established with the mother.
If an individual moves into relationship with other people (2nd circuit) in society the above conditions become apparent. The 2nd circuit can not be mastered until 1st circuit issues are resolved for this reason. In society 2nd circuit is exhibited in relation to the judicial system, because ants (people stuck in 2nd circuit) have to have a way to regulate contracts when they are broken or not agreed to, for modulation of the differences. An individual’s contract is the role he is obligated to play in his relation to the hive (society), and in some cases marriage. Corporations, government and all team sports are examples of 2nd circuit reality.  In insect reality you are killed or removed from the nest (fired) if you violate the specifics of your role in the hive. Insects do not have compassion or feelings towards each other. Everything is contract and commitment to them.
The intellectual individual uses information to manipulate and control others. It is interesting to note that birds “the intellectuals” are the only animal capable of keeping the ants in check (society). Ants can invade and take over the space of any other land animal with the exception of the ant eater.
People who move to 4th circuit prematurely, find them self to be dysfunctional and confused about their appropriate orientation in society. Individuals who use marijuana often fit this definition and have an easy going attitude towards practical and serious life issues.
Some people are born with their 5th circuit open, which relates to ESP or high sense perception. A person with this circuit open realizes that they are the entire galaxy, and can see the bigger picture for them self. These people have a difficult time relating to society with this direct access of information. It is important to note that feeling is the key to opening 4th through 7thcircuits.  This person finds a lot of conflict with the experiences they have and the acceptability of this perception being validated by society, as opposed to 3rd circuit information that is validated by figures of authority.
There are many similarities between the 1st four circuits and the characterology wounding outlined in the Barbara Brennan healing model. It can be clearly seen that the 1st circuit issues relate to the schizoid and oral characters, which have there definitive issues around existential fear and nurturance. The psychopathic issue relating towards controlling others and its aggressive nature is a trait of the 2nd circuit. The masochist needs to feel and express self along with dependence are also conditions of being locked in 2nd circuit. The intellect (3rd circuit) often has difficulty believing in a spiritual reality and is very rational to the point of not accepting any objective proof outside of what is authorized to be real by western science. The intellect falls within the description of the rigid character.
The foundation of how healing works to clear the issues individuals have in relation to the first four circuits begins with connecting to the level of feelings, the heart space. Making deep contact with the issues and images held by each individual creates the relationship for neuro-evolution to begin. As out lined before, the majority of people try to avoid feeling the pain that is held within their system, which retards their advancement.
Using a comprehensive healing plan that includes the use of  hands on healing techniques, holistic and western medical doctors, herbalist, psychological counselors, physical and colon therapists sets a solid foundation of support to move the individual into neurological evolution, and out of  physical and psychological dis-ease. Knowledge of the circuits and how they work is the primary key to the overall progression and out come of the healing plan. The healing team (1st phase of the Universal family) should be providing a strong sense of concern and heart level contact with the individual to support this process. However, it can be that some individuals may not need such a extreme level of support, if they have strong intention and some awareness of this process of self healing and evolution. An individual that has cleared his circuits can affect others through “morphic resonance.”
Providing the individuals with information about their health as it relates to diet and environment can be sufficient for supporting spontaneous evolution through the circuits. Information about spiritual laws and principles completes the adult phase of the 3rd circuit, allowing the individual to over ride previous misconceptions about reality. This has to be done in combination with the healing work, to allow the current life issues and images to come to the level of consciousness and integrate with the healthy adult ego. Kyo chi myogo is the absolute completion of the 3rd circuit and spontaneously brings the individual into their true mind of life, which is a state of intrinsically perfect wisdom grounded within the purified human heart.
This can be done by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and studying the principle teachings established by a sage enlightened to this Law. Kyo means objective truth (teachings) or the universal law that permeates reality, cause and effect (karma or Renge). Chi means subjective wisdom (mind that perceives the truth of reality) or the correct relationship to the objective law as depicted in one’s behavior. Myogo means fusion, which translates as the correct spiritual and physical behavior in relationship to the objective law that governs reality eliminating the fundamental source of all suffering, which originates from the breach of its principles (negative karma). This state of life activates the inherent Buddha nature which resides at the level of the 9th consciousness ( amala- consciousness). This is the state of 100% brain function governed by the 8th circuit, which Dr. Pookrum states is being at one with the source. Defined by her as a condition beyond comprehension. From the four dimensional healing model, this relates to the verbal cause to connect to one’s core essence (Divine Heart).  The energy field becomes balanced equally in it’s aspects of reason, will and emotion in this state. When and if my clients are open to the above, I use these teachings to complete or initiate the third and forth circuit healing process.
These 3 aspects of the field directly correspond to the instructions given by the enlightened sage Nichiren Daishonin for opening (Myo) the inherent Buddha nature through faith (emotion), practice (will) and study (reason). When all of the chakras are open in relation to the strong intention (hara level) to live in truth (kyochimyogo), this is what opens the individual’s life to complete health and healing from within. It is important to note that the regenerative capacity to re-grow organs and tissue in the body can only be activated with the higher frequencies of brain function residing in the frontal lobes of the brain. Through the healing techniques outlined for progression through the first 4 circuits of the brain, the healer has the capacity to guide the client through the initiation phases of frontal lobe awakening, by completing the disruptions within the 1st four circuits.
Dr. Pookrum noted in her lecture that there is a tribe in Africa that has individuals who regenerate lost limbs within 11 years, which is a some what de-evolutionized aspect of this property within humans secondary to their poor dietary habits.
Holographic ally the individual will transform their environment into a purer condition by purifying his 6 senses(5 senses and the conscious mind) and activating the inherent wisdom and actions needed to establish  the correct path to fulfill their spiritual longing in this and all future lifetimes by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Faith is what is needed for the person to completely heal on all levels; however this faith must be based on the objective truths of life. It is at the level of relationship where all illness occurs. Like wise it is through the proper relationship with the healer that the individual begins their path back to truth through faith in relationship to others. However, it is difficulties on the emotional level and the fundamental fears within each of the 5 character structures that require faith to transcend.
The work on each client begins with a spine cleansing on all 7 levels of the field to clear, restructure and charge the nervous system. Following this a chelation up to the temples is done, with a concluding brain balancing technique in which you must charge each of the first 4 circuits with gold light on the 7th level of the field.  This begins by charging the entire spinal cord and nervous system working up to the 2nd circuit (area near the pons), 3rd circuit (cerebellum) and then to the 4th circuit (limbic system and corpus calosium). From here work is done on the 1st circuit, if applicable.  The client’s circuit issues are identified using the awakening skills of witness, asker and experiencer as a connection is made to the constellation and images of their belief system or presenting complaint.
In working with the 1st circuit issues of individuals, there it is noted that the schizoid character’s break in the vertical power current corresponds to the brain stem area in the nervous system. As the issues of fear begin to clear, this break near the brain stem begins to close, giving the individual more consciousness and the ability to react from awareness and faith. This is the foundation of the ability to act appropriately in one’s role in society (2nd circuit) as it relates to the life task. It was interesting to note that some clients were spinal cord injuries at the level of the brain stem(C5-6). These individuals could not initially exhibit volitional control over their legs, which holographic ally relates to the ability to physically move their bodies to accomplish their life’s purpose. As each of these individuals progressed towards healing at the spinal level, they each developed increasing use of their legs and more faith in life itself.
Second circuit dysfunctions in the HEF are related to right side weakness/ conditions in the body, energy field and problems in the structured levels of the field, specifically the mental body and etheric bodies. Some clients have reported feeling cold on one side of their body. Looking at this in relation to the 1st circuit, it appears that the 1st circuit problems all relate to the unstructured levels (emotional) levels of the field. To complete the 2nd circuit problems in the field, it is necessary to do restructuring of lines of light, 5th level surgery, cord healings with the male parental figure and hara healings. Since the hara healing involves completing an individuals’ relationship to their intention for incarnation, this specifically related to the relationship to the father’s role in completing the 2nd circuit.
Third circuit work is done by clearing 3rd and 7th chakra problems is the relational cords or the repair of the chakras themselves. The above outlined work on the images and belief systems help to complete this circuit.
To continue this evolution of healing within the circuits, clients are given information on the physical laws that corresponded to the specifics of each of their injuries and when appropriate they receive information about the spiritual principles underlying their life path (3rd circuit work). Some of the religious belief systems behind their illness make it difficult to convey some of this information directly.



Work on the 4th circuit corresponds to the work in the astral level of the field. Time capsule work should  be used to heal this circuit. Restructuring the heart, 4th and 6th chakras in clients who have difficulties in the 4th circuit sets the foundation for the container needed to hold them in their unfoldment into the community of the sacred heart, which will be an increase of energy coming into these chakras.


The blood also has to be reprogrammed at the level of core essence, because it holds the chemicals of separation in it’s memory of past behavior on the physical  and emotional levels. The definition of practice relates to the chemical saturation of hormones produced by the brain that are released into the blood stream secondary to a repetitive behavioral pattern. Therefore, a particular behavior becomes second nature or easy as the increase of corresponding chemicals relative to that behavior increases in the blood. This behavior is either harmonious at the cellular level or destructive.
As work isdone on the circuits, it is vital to shift the chemical relationship of the blood from the dualistic perspective of the disease process to that of the unitive quality of wholism, which resides at the level of the core essence.


Doing this technique, it is important to hold divine will(1st and 5th levels) so the cells can re- align with the right use of will. This is the conscious step the individual must take to move into core essence from the inconvenient feelings of the wound.  Holding the hands in allow over the heart chakra and behind the head at the base of the skull, followed by directing the intention to connect into the blood flowing through the heart and around the area of the limbic system(circle of Willis) is the primary method of realignment for the blood. Consciously connecting to the core essence of the cells in the blood, while holding the awareness at the level of core star should be done until a minimum of 3 cycles of systemic blood flow has passed through the heart for programming with core essence(5 minutes).


Opening  circuits 1 through 7 equals 100% of brain function and is the full experience of love, which is everything or reality(kyo chi myogo). In this state one recognizes and experiences them self  and the Universe as the same thing. This is the complete and wholesome state of an individual, which is the divine right and creative expression inherent within each individual human-being. In Hermeticism, the above is called transcending oneself. Before transcendence, each individual is in effect acting under the influence of the “collective soul”, described by Jung as “the collective unconscious”. In this type of limited morphic resonance, the individual is directed by an invisible force that manages each species of the animal kingdom in relation to reproduction, seasonal migration, territorial demarcation, ect.  The power to transform results from the profound understanding of the laws of nature, which are also harnessed in conjunction with hands on healing techniques.


It is a nobel path among healers to bring the realization of this type of reality into existence. Healership is the product of  life long discipline and focus on divine truth and the awareness that has to be translated into a portion of the science of life processes, which brings an individual back to his or her original order. The Universal Family is the product of individuals that have moved into truth and love by an association with a  individual that can translate these realities into human behavior.


Love is nature and is also the powerful energy transformed into the physical dimension through the human heart with unlimited wisdom. This love has two sides to it; one born of darkness, called Corrupt Love(fundamental darkness), and another born of light, called Divine Love(Buddha nature). Corrupt Love is found in a humanity that is locked in the first 3 circuits of brain function.  The contrasting concepts of corrupt and divine are simply related to the divine as the natural state and the corrupt as the unnatural, or, the natural corrupted and perverted state.


Humanity is in need of a divine plan back to order from within.  Healing the dysfunctions from the perspective of the 7circuits is universal to all  people and cultures.


In human reality, chaos and disorder are present with much greater effect than the power of an ordered structure. For this reason it is essential that the knowledge of the 7 circuits of brain function become noted as a precursor for the development of the true human family. John Baines the author of “ The Science of Love” states that, “ men and women separately are only halves of a whole; an incomplete reality of one total truth.” It is this integral structure which lovers unconsciously try to achieve. Because of incomplete use of 100% brain function, mankind can only simulate love and that is why love for man, is confusing, sensual, deceptive and soul-killing. Man’s ability to love is contaminated with the void of untruths and illusions, which have there foundations in incomplete consciousness, as it relates to limited brain function. Only those who use their intelligence properly can aspire to a awareness of Divine Love. Those who are guided by base and selfish motives cannot imagine the existence of a higher love. They are content with the simple mating habits of animals. Higher love is achieved through conscious awareness. This is the foundation of the Universal Family. As an individual heals them self through the maturation of the brain circuits, they begin to re- orient their value system towards spiritually/ consciousness based awareness, that includes higher principles of the heart as described by the Buddha as the treasure of the heart. The final objective of the Buddha’s life is the global realization of  this deep spiritual awareness of the heart based on the opening of the inherent Buddha nature within each individual, which has been called Kosen Rufu.


Divine Love satisfies the body, mind and spirit. All people who operate from purely instinctual contexts (1st circuit) are excluded from the possibility of attaining true love, 100% brain function. The key to love is transcendence of the baser side of Nature.


Corrupt Love leads invariably to psychological and spiritual self-destruction. The dissolution submits the individual to the raw force of Nature(Kyo), which over the course of time gradually absorbs the person in it’s stronger principles until they begin to lose their higher faculties and begin to exhibit a solidification of their bestial side, the first 3 circuits. John Baines adds that, “a man who might possess exquisite qualities becomes a boor and a caricature of what he once was, and a woman, delicate, lovely and refined, gradually becomes hard and vulgar. These changes are not necessarily the result of aging, but of the rupture of natural principles.”


In light of the above, healing the incomplete circuits of brain function holographically sets the foundation for healing the individual and the universal family, that is comprised of psychologically and spiritually evolved individuals of each gender. Every individual has an inherent longing that can only be found within the universal human family.


In conclusion, an individual can not realize his or her full potential without completing each of the 7 circuits. A healer and each individual can set the foundation for healing the universal human family through understanding the function and nature of the 7 circuits. When this insight has been established, it can be clearly seen that all dysfunctions within society and human culture have their origins within the misunderstanding and ignorance of the 7 circuits of brain function. Healing the first 4 circuits becomes the foundation of health and well-being within all people. Overall, a person is not fulfilled as a human being until they have completed the true relationship to family and self.