Photo Credit: Abundance Child
Rose water is exactly what it sounds like – roses +water. We can end this DIY right here and that is what I like about Rose Water. It is a minimalist solution for our home economy. I loathe the part of finding a recipe and having to comb through paragraphs of the background of peoples’ life stories. I like to get straight to the the point, the recipe. My blah blah blah will be at the end.
There are 3 ways I have made Rose Water.
1. IDEALLY YOU ONLY WANT TO USE LOCALLY GROWN ROSES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN SPRAYED WITH HERBICIDES OR PESTICIDES. Unfortunately this means that most people will not be able to recycle their Valentines day roses. Most florist order out of state and the country and in order to pass certain criteria to enter into foreign states , whether domestically or internationally the flowers will have had to be sprayed.
2. Distilled water is best. If you decide use tap water that is fine but you will decrease the shelf life and it will be best to refrigerate the rose water.
3. Adding witch hazel (which contains alcohol) or a spirit like vodka, acts as preservative and will prolong the shelf life of the rose water.
QUICK (Hydrosol Method)
1. In a large pot place another pot or bowl upside down to act as a stand.
2. Place rose petals around your makeshift stand cover with just enough water to cover the petals.
3. Place another pot or bowl over the makeshift stand. This is to collect condensed water from the steam of the roses.
4. To create the condensed water (hydrosol) invert the pot lid (upside down with pot handle facing downward and inside the pot) and place bags of ice cubes or ice directly on the lid. I use plastic bags of ice because I am afraid of spilling ice water into the hydrosol.
5. Bring the water to a boil and let it simmer (no higher than medium heat) for at least 40 minutes to 3 hours.
6. Throughout the simmering time keep adding fresh ice when the original ice melts.
7. When the water boils, the vapor rises, hits the inverted lid with ice on it and condenses into a hydrosol aka Rose Water.
8. Collect that Rose water and store…
QUICKER ( Hot Method)
1. Boil Water.
2. Pour just enough water over petals to cover them.
3. Steep the petals until they have lost all of their color
4. Let cool and strain rose water into a glass jar or your choice of storage bottle. You can use cheesecloth to get every little bit of rose water as possible
SLOW ( No Boil Method)
1. Place rose petals in in jar and cover with 3/4 water to 1/4 witch hazel.
2. Store in a dark place and allow the concoction to infuse for at least two weeks.
3. Strain out rose petals, and pour into your choice of bottle or container.
*** With ANY of the methods I put actual rose quartz crystals that I have spoke intentions into and add it to my rose water. Water holds memory.
1. I literally pull back all of my sheets every morning and spray my linens with it. Then, I make my bed. I cant tell you how good it is to lay down on bed smelling like fresh herbs and roses every night.
2. I use this as a manual diffuser or air freshener. Some people call it aromatherapy. I call it what it is, energy clearing.
It is a perfect liquid smudge. As soon as you spray it you can feel the negative dust energy get trapped in the love and diffuse itself naturally. This works great in the car also.
3. I add a cupful to my peroxide and baking soda, and citrus homemade all purpose cleaner. I suppose I will have to update this article later with a link to how to make that.
4. I love to take baths with rose water and sandalwood essential oil.
5. People love to use it as a skin toner. I can definitely see how that works. I take baths in it. i am a fresh lemon kinda toner woman so I actually have not used the rose water for that specifically.
6. I do use it in my hair products which are all DIY of course. the PH value of rose water is similar to the PH of hair in a well conditioned state. The rose water helps to retain hair’s moisture keeping and keeps the cuticle smooth. The added oils seal it in. I use the QUICKER method and add aloe, coconut oil and castor oil. I use it daily as a hair moisturizer.